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Hotlink protection of website images

Hotlink protection of website images

Protection of website images

If you haven't read at least 1 of the first 3 headings in the left column please do!

To get to the point you can not prevent an image from being stolen but if you really want to have the last laugh at those who are stealing your website images and at the same time be able to redirect that stolen image either back to your main website or to anywhere else for that matter then read on!

But before I try and convince you that this technique can work I would really like you to steal the image below:

Right click your mouse and copy it to your website!

Steal Me

The image above is a fairly large sized image reduced from its original size of 1728 x 1152 pixels 764 KB

to 500 x 333 pixels to fit on this page but still retaining it's byte size of 764 KB.

This is 0.75 of a megabyte.

Now if you were to have 12 images like this on your site all being hotlinked that would be 9 MB of bandwidth being used every time the offending site was viewed. On a busy site this could have a devastating effect on your sites bandwidth.

Now if you stole the image above like I asked or should I say tried to steal the image above by right clicking your mouse and selecting copy. You are in effect copying the image url (the path to the image on this site) which can also easily be found by right clicking the image and selecting properties. You'll see that the url is

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