Stop Image Copying

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This is the direct path to the image above on this website and when someone steals an image of yours what they are doing is placing this URL (direct link to your image) on their or another site.

Something like this: <img src=""> In effect everytime a viewer open the page

If you click on the url link above you will be able to see the picture at its full size.




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This is what happens when some hotlinks your main image it shows just the full size image.

The only reason you can see the full image when the link above is clicked is because you are on this website and this website allows you to see the pictures or images on it, which is what we want.

What you should see if you tried to copy the image above and place it on your website is the following:

Not very pretty is it?

This is the kind of image that someone will get on their site if they try to directly hotlink to your image. It doesn't use any of your bandwidth up and you can guarantee it won't be long before they move it from their site altogether.

So what if someone right clicks on the blank image above to look at the properties?

 Any viewer right clicking on the blank image  on the site which has copied your image will again be given the url of the image show size: Not available and give the image dimensions.

Have a try on the image you tried to steal and put on your website or other website!

(not this one on this page, I have had to use an example as it will allow me to steal images off of my own site but this is ok... Why would we want to do that?)

And maybe your thinking what if someone really wants to see my full size image only and by-pass my main website... All they have to do in copy the URL which was shown in the properties and paste it into their browser address bar, don't they...


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