Stop Image Copying

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Try copying the URL to the flower image which, is the direct link to my big main flower picture and paste it into the address bar of a new browser window.


You will see a page telling you that the image you are looking for has move and a direct link to my home page.


Anyone trying to view your images without actually being on your website is redirected to a page which, uses little bandwidth and redirects the viewer to your home page which is where we want viewers to go.

Now there is 2 things you can do to those who steal Your images.

1. You can show a blank image like the one above and have done with it.

2. You can show the blank image above and redirect any links to the stolen image to another page.

Let me explain No 2 in a bit more detail...

Some sneaky image stealers will show a thumbnail of your image which they have copied to their computer and may have even saved it under a different name, doesn't matter. Then they may place a direct link from that thumbnai to the actual picture on your website (using your bandwidth).


Let's say a photographer has a website and wants to show off all of their lovely photographs they have spent countless hours taking. Because the photographer doesn't want their site to take ages to upload when someone visit their site they will often (and this is not just photographers) show a smaller image (thumbnail) of the actual larger image on the main areas of their website. This way the site loads quickly and doesn't keep the viewer waiting. In the meantime while the viewer is looking at the smaller images, the larger images are being uploaded in the background. The thumbnail image is then often clicked on to produce a larger image for better viewing.

The same can be said for those stealing your images too!

Often a thief will steal your large image or images but of course they may be to big to apply to their site or may not fit in with the structure of it and of course the same principle applies as above; They don't want their site taking ages to load up too. So the stolen image is reduced in size for the offending site with either a direct link using the image itself or a hypertext link underneath or above it.


to enlarge image click here

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