Stop Image Copying

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Only hidden behind the word here would be the direct link to the large image somthing like this http://www.yoursite/yourimage.jpg or the images itself would be directly linked to the same URL by-passing your site and going straight to the image.

By the way, using my method the small image above would not show and if someone were to click on the link below they would get the "This image has moved" page with a link to the main page of my or your site or anywhere you want for that matter.

Now for the second and most common form of image bandwidth stealing

These are usually image collecting sites a bit like google images, the only difference is that google give the correct credit to the site it has taken the image from (in essence a free link to your site) and anyone clicking on one of your images in google images is quite rightly directed to the whole page where the image is hosted on your site, not just the image. As do many other decent sites like picsearch.

2 sites I have come across recently 1 from Russia and 1 from Finland don't and these are not the only ones out there. There are literally thousands and it won't be long before one hits your images.

I am not one for name dropping or slandering what anyone else is doing on the internet but when they start stealing my bandwidth it becomes another issue.

The Finish site ( I think, from what I can gather (not too sure can't read Finish) lets people upload images they have stolen to its site, places a small thumbnail of your stolen image on its site (no stolen bandwidth yet) then links the thumbnail directly to your image. So anyone taking a liking to the small stolen thumbnail image on their site who clicks on it is directed to your full size image (just the image) on your site (Stealing bandwidth and by-passing your main site or site information).

You may copy the link to the Finish site above between the () brackets if you wish to see it. I refuse to give them a free link here.

The Russian site is just as bad but at least they offer the option of going directly to your site by providing a link to your homepage underneath the stolen image. Still if someone clicks on the image instead it goes only to the image and steals bandwidth without offering anything in return. The site in question is called

Banning such sites by IP address is no good by the way as it is the users of these sites that upload your images and other users (viewers) that steal your bandwidth by clicking on the image. You would be constantly banning IP address from different users.



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