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How to Stop images being stolen

How to stop images being stolen

Stop Website Images being stolen

To be totally honest it is impossible to prevent images on a website on the internet from being stolen!

The main concern should not be with the fact that the image has been stolen but what you can do to that stolen image. You can adopt all sort of techniques to stop the novice from trying to steal one of your website images but any determined image thief will get it if they want to. You can disable the right click button on a webpage for anyone using your site but this can be off-putting as it also has other useful features, plus there are many ways around this which I won't explain here for obvious reasons.

To stop an image being stolen - well to be more precise, prevent it from being hot linked and to direct a viewer of your hot linked image or whoever clicks on your stolen / hot linked image (on someone else's website) to somewhere more desirable, we have to be pro-active.

What we can do is sit back and relax knowing that all our stolen / hot linked images (which will only show up on someone else's site if they save it on their server, thus not stealing bandwidth) will be redirected to a very small page (optional) only a few kilobytes in size (very little bandwidth) which can redirect the viewer wherever we like... Preferably our home page!

To do this you will require access to your .htaccess file. If you don't know what a .htaccess file is then you need to google it and learn first. If you have access to the control panel for your website you can simply create one. Go to the directory/website you are wanting to protect images in, click create new file, name it .htaccess (notice the dot before htaccess) choose text file and click create. You should now have an empty .htaccess file. If you don't have access to a control panel and of how your website works internally or you haven't a clue what I am talking about you may be able to ask the server or system administrator of your site to apply the technique I can reveal to you.


Your Stolen / hot linked Images

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How to stop images being stolen
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