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Image Bandwidth Stealing

Image bandwidth stealing

Image Stealing - using your bandwidth

Isn't it annoying when someone steals an image off of your website?

Worse still is when they have the cheek to steal your image and directly hotlink it back to your website making you pay for the privillage. This can use up lots of your bandwidth - bandwidth you are paying for and is being stolen by someone else.

Image bandwidth stealing is one of the most annoying things I have ever come across on the internet. Ok... So there may be a few out there that do not realise they are doing it but the majority of my image bandwidth stealing has lately been coming from larger websites or business often from foreign countries, so don't tell me they don't know they are doing it! This has fired me up to do something about it as I am not happy with just the standard protection advise being offered to us on the world wide web.

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