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Would you like to be able to redirect those images on your website that are being hot linked?

Would you like to be able to redirect those images where you want to, like your homepage?

Of course you would, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!

Well now you can!!!

If you have a website with images on you can guarantee someone will hot link one or more of your images sooner or later. Now I always give people the benefit of the doubt and appreciate that there will be those out there that don't even know they have hot linked images. They see your lovely images, decide they want to share it with their blog readers or other social networking friends and supply the direct link to your images, effectively opening up those image every time someone opens the page on the offending site it has been linked (hot linked) from.

Great!.. Shouldn't we be glad that someone likes our image so much that they want to show it to others? Well not really! 

There may be many reasons why a website owner does not want their images all over the internet. For example: You may want to keep them for viewers who have to directly visit your website. They may not be fit for broadcasting elsewhere or quite simply the image is copy written, meaning you have to go through some tedious court action, pursue the offender and therefore wasting your valuable time. The majority of website owner dislike their images being stolen, in this case "hot linked" because it uses up their bandwidth (stealing bandwidth) and this is wrong.  

Credit where it's due!

Now for those out there reading this who would like use someone else's images, you can at least follow some, if not all of these procedures:

  • Ask the website owner if you can use their image first (always a good place to start).
  • Don't hot link the image (this is placing a direct link to the image on your site/server). This is most commonly done by right clicking on the image then copy and pasting it into your site. In essence this copies the image and it's source (the website address you are copying from) and this is hot linking... DON'T DO IT!
  • Copy the image using "Save picture As" and save the hard copy to your pc or server before uploading it to your site or blog.
  • Credit the image with a link to the home page of the site you got it from or at least some wording to the effect of "Image courtesy of (replacing 'website-image-was-copied-from' with the name of the site you take the image from obviously).
  • If the image is linked make sure it is linked to the home page or page it is from and not just the image itself by leaving the image part of the file name excluded, eg link to: Not
  • Remove it if asked.
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