Stop Image Copying

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Stop Image Copying

stop image copying


Points to note:

This method has only been tested on servers running Apache using Mod rewrite rules in the .htaccess file. As well as using the .htaccess file you will also be required to create a blank text file in the same directory as your .htaccess file. If you do not have access to your control panel or .htaccess file please consult your website administrator. It may work on other servers but it is not guaranteed.


First we will go through the preliminaries for those who are unfarmiliar with
.htaccess or a control panel. If you are familiar with these you may skip part 1.

The majority of webmasters who run their own websites will access their websites through
a control panel or cpanel this is where one gains entry to all the files and folders
that make up the website(s). In cpanel (popular on linux servers) this can be done
by typing your domain name into the address bar followed by the word cpanel
eg. This will usually present you with a prompt
for your Username and Password. There are many other control panel but most work on the
same principal.
Once into your main control panel there should be an icon or facility for you to manage
your files, cpanel's is called file manager.
Open file manager which take you to the first set of main folders on your server. These are the
ones in the root folder of the server and store vital information on an array of different
things on your server but for our purposes we are only interested in 1 folder: public_html.

This folder 'public_html' folder is where all of your websites/domain name folders will be.
Each folder you have in here should correspond to a domain name or website.

Open the public_html folder...

Next we need to find the folder which represents the name of the website for which you want to protect the images on...

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